When looking to book from different sites to go to the more unique places around the world, you need to be very careful with booking online, as it could be very easy to be scammed before even getting to the airport! We will be looking into the telltale signs of a website you should never work with below!

“Many people prepare for the sort of scams they will find when they are in the country, such as pickpockets and the like, but many people neglect to be made aware of the scams that stop you before you even get past the start point. Being made aware of these can save you a lot of money or even stop you from getting hacked out the door!”

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When on a website, you ever notice that in the URL bar, that there is sometimes a green section saying “Secure”? That means the website has an ssl certificate, and as such is safe to input information over without worrying about a 3rd party taking the data, if a website without SSL asks for you to input confidential information, this is a big red flag and the site should be avoided at all costs!

SSL is a very complicated thing, and the above is a very high level overview, you can learn more about SSL certificates from this article which covers it in a more in-depth way while still being easy to understand.


When you google something, the top results are normally paid results, this is fine, but is often a way of a competitor or scammer quickly being the top result to another company by simple paying their way to the top. Google does all it can to stop this being used for the purpose of scamming, but things can slip through the net, and paid results are normally a great way to find useful content, but just make sure the site is what it says it is.


SEO, Standing for “Search Engine Optimisation” is an extremely complex subject, and as such this will only be a very. very high level overview. SEO is the process of how search engines rank content on the internet, its the reason why a website is on the first page of google compared to the 2nd, 3rd, fourth etc…

Just like everything, this can be abused, Google have lots of processes in place to stop this, but people can always find a way to abuse this, these sites wont sit in the top spot for long, but it is the case that further research is always required.

Registered Company

If the company is in any way legitimate, they will be a registered entity, if they are UK based then you will be able to find them in Companies House, if not then they will be happy to give things such as their registered company number to prove their legitimacy, if they decline this information, that in itself is a red flag.

Should I Just stick with the “popular” holiday providers?

While it is certainly safer to stick with the bigger companies, they may not always be able to offer you the best deal, or have the level of quality a dedicated provider would provide, so ultimately, it is your choice.