Author: Laura Hughes

Things to do in Colchester

As part of a new series, we will be covering towns and cities in the UK, and why they are ideal travel locations, we will cover the location itself as well as some of the things you can get up to in this location, the first location in this series will be my home town, Colchester. Being the oldest recorded roman town, and having a lot of the roman buildings, such as the castle intact, there is a lot of history to this town, and a lot to do in the town… Colchester Castle As said before, Colchester castle...

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Holiday Scammers – What to Look out for

When looking to book from different sites to go to the more unique places around the world, you need to be very careful with booking online, as it could be very easy to be scammed before even getting to the airport! We will be looking into the telltale signs of a website you should never work with below! “Many people prepare for the sort of scams they will find when they are in the country, such as pickpockets and the like, but many people neglect to be made aware of the scams that stop you before you even get...

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