Author: Sharman Knowles

CBD Oil – Magical Oil or Snake Oil?

With high street brands now jumping on things such as CBD oil, and not getting the results they likely expected, it has now come into question whether CBD is as good as they say, or if it is just a new brand of glorified snake oil. “CBD Oil is fantastic for many means, as long as the oil you get is high in CBD content and from a reputable manufacturer” – Charlotte, Aura CBD Oil UK it turns out, that when you do research on the subject, there is a lot of things CBD oil could do for you… Anxiety There are many studies, including this one that detailed CBD oil does have an anti anxiety and antidepressant effect within the animal model, with another study furthering this conclusion by saying that it is indeed a very promising treatment for a lot of anxiety based disorders such as social anxiety or OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Pain CBD oil has also been shown to be very promising when it comes to general pain relief, with people studying from arthritis being able to use it to see a drop in the inflammation and pain that their arthritis is causing them. Sufferers of chronic pain in general and any conditions classified as such can gain massive benefits, as studies have shown that there is substantial evidence that CBD Oil is an effective treatment for chronic pain...

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AirBNB: The Risks

Many people will opt for an Airbnb or similar service when going on a holiday, this is thanks to the fact that you can get a much nicer/more unique room for your holiday, often at a great price that can even be better than a traditional bed and breakfast or hotel, and while overall, it is a great service, there are some things you should know before using them. I am always checking the boilers of the BNB’s i stay in, and its worrying how many boilers haven’t been checked, causing there to be a risk of something going wrong. -Local Plumber in Clacton For Users While the rooms are checked before being put on the site, additional inspections are not done, this means that you could go there, and it be completely different than what you expected, which while a nuisance, is a non issue when compared to what a lack of inspections can do. There have been reported cases of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, which have been known to kill! The specific numbers have not been released so we don’t know the specifics, but the fact it has happened is very worrying. The other issue is that the AirBNB owner gets to have a look at the user before confirming to allow them to use the bnb, the issue here is that it was found that people of...

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Seeking Writers

Hi Guys, Sharman here, the mind behind the Sharman knowles magazine! For the short time this website has been up, i have tried to keep the service free of advertisements by cutting costs. This is no longer the case, and the ad revenue model poses a possibility for you – the viewer. We can have you write for us and pay you with the revenue we receive from ads. This is still in discussion with other team members but gives you the possibility to work from home writing passionately about things you care about! You will be paid on a revenue sharing model. If you are interested, then comment below and we will get in...

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