Over the many years, the features included in Amazon Prime have been increased and improved, but to go along with this, the price for the service has increased as well, so, ultimately, is Amazon Prime a worthy investment?

This article will be broken down into many sections, allowing you to find the one most relevant for you, and read the relevant info!

General Users

If you are the general user of Amazon prime, then you will find that the free and next day shipping that comes with Amazon Prime is extremely useful, with it allowing for a rather quick ROI (Return on Investment) if you find yourself using amazon a lot in general or find yourself ordering a lot of things online, then that on its own will make it likely worth it for you.  There are people in parts of the US (Where Amazon offer same day delivery) who will order everything, including their groceries on prime, these individuals are known for living the “prime lifestyle”

If you are a fan of watching the occasional film, then you will also quite like Prime TV!


For people obsessed with cinema, Prime TV can initially seem fantastic, with exclusives such as The Grand Tour and the like to keep you busy, unfortunately, if you plan to use Amazon Prime exclusively for prime TV, then it may be worth looking at the alternatives such as Netflix of which are cheaper and offer a far larger viewing library for people who love watching movies 24/7, this is, of course, due to the sheer popularity of Netflix and will likely change in the future.

The issue ultimately boils down to the exclusive deals all of these streaming providers receive, meaning that a film you may like may be exclusive to Netflix and a film series you like the look of exclusive to Prime TV, in an ideal world you would just subscribe to all of the services, but that adds to be a large cost, so it is best to research all options and pick from the best, so for those interested in Prime TV, depending on what you watch, this could be a good investment or not, ultimately it is up to you to decide.


For people who love to listen to music, then Prime Music may be something worth looking into, there is a large portion of great music of which you may be interested in, this is of a similar situation to Prime TV, where depending on what you listen to, then more research is needed before you can definitively say whether it is worth it or not.


For people who enjoy gaming, both playing and watching streamers on Twitch.TV then Amazon Prime could be a Great Investment purely on Twitch Prime, as depending on the Twitch Prime promotions at the time and the games you play, then you could get some great in game rewards that are more than worth the up-front cost!

To Conclude

For users who fit into more than once of the above categories, then Amazon Prime is more than likely a worthy investment, it is purely just worth looking at the categories you fall in and finding out for yourself whether amazon prime is worth it for you!