Many people will opt for an Airbnb or similar service when going on a holiday, this is thanks to the fact that you can get a much nicer/more unique room for your holiday, often at a great price that can even be better than a traditional bed and breakfast or hotel, and while overall, it is a great service, there are some things you should know before using them.

I am always checking the boilers of the BNB’s i stay in, and its worrying how many boilers haven’t been checked, causing there to be a risk of something going wrong.

-Local Plumber in Clacton

For Users

While the rooms are checked before being put on the site, additional inspections are not done, this means that you could go there, and it be completely different than what you expected, which while a nuisance, is a non issue when compared to what a lack of inspections can do.

There have been reported cases of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, which have been known to kill! The specific numbers have not been released so we don’t know the specifics, but the fact it has happened is very worrying.

The other issue is that the AirBNB owner gets to have a look at the user before confirming to allow them to use the bnb, the issue here is that it was found that people of colour were declined far more than people who were white, this was especially a problem in southern US states.

For Owners

For owners, AirBNB can be a great way to make cash on a spare house or your home while your away, and this article isn’t going to change that, but there are things to keep in mind before putting your home on any service like this…

Make sure you fully read and understand the terms and conditions, as while these services may say that they cover the repairs if a guest does damage, the extent is debatable, as there have been cases of people doing thousands worth of damage and airbnd only paying a fraction of that, leaving you out of pocket on a concept that was supposed to make you extra money!

Overall, the “take home” of this article is to just ensure that you have a closer look and do a bit more research before taking the plunge, this goes for both customers and owners.

For more information, you can consult this below video which covers the information in further depth and gives additional resources to look into before making the dive into an AirBNB or similar service.